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                        The application field of tantalum.

                        username:admin   createtime:2018-04-19

                        The tantalum has a high melting point, low steam, cold processing, chemical stability, anti-liquid metal corrosion, and the surface oxidation of the peroxide and a series of outstanding properties. So, tantalum is an important application in the high-tech field of electronics, metallurgy, steel, chemicals, hard alloys, atomic energy, superconducting technologies, automotive electronics, aerospace, medical and health and scientific research.
                        50%-70% of the world's tantalum is used to make tantalum capacitors in the form of capacitor tantalum and tantalum. Because of the compact tantalum surface can form stable, high dielectric strength of amorphous oxide film, and is easy to be accurate and easily control capacitor anodic oxidation process, at the same time, tantalum powder sintering block can be obtained in a very small volume, large surface area so small tantalum capacitor has high capacitance, leakage current, low equivalent series resistance, good high and low temperature performance, long service life, excellent comprehensive performance, other capacitor is difficult to match, it is widely used in communications (switches, mobile phones, pagers, fax machines, etc.), computer, automobile, household and office appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, national defense industry and technology sector, etc. So tantalum is an extremely versatile functional material.

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