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                        The application of tantalum in alloy.

                        username:admin   createtime:2018-04-19

                        The application of tantalum in alloy.
                        The application of tantalum as alloying element in steel is very few. It's a very high affinity for the space between the tantalum and steel, and the chemicals that are formed with them are very, very stable at high temperatures.
                        Through the observation of mechanical property test and OM, SEM and TEM, the scholars of the institute of metal of Chinese academy of sciences preliminarily studied the strengthening effect and related mechanism of tantalum on fe-c-ta alloy. The results showed that the strength of the alloy was greatly improved when the tantalum content increased from 0.027% to 0.059%, and the impact work of the alloy with high tantalum was reduced by 87J, but it still had good toughness. Analysis, the reinforcement of tantalum in iron base alloy solid solution strengthening and precipitation strengthening, high content of tantalum alloy at 600 ℃ ageing after 1 h, the strength and the plastic reach maximum at the same time, the best of tantalum carbide precipitation strengthening effect

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